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I went to Sam Ash to buy a guitar string: I broke a string on my guitar and needed only one string.They wouldn't sell me one.

They only sell, they told me, complete sets. That is a bad business practice. No, I didn't buy the whole set because i didn't need the whole set.

I went instead to a business that sells single strings as well as whole sets, depending on one's needs.Businesses need to adapt themselves to the needs of their customers, not demand that the customers adapt to their twisted business practices....


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Dallas, Texas, United States #1298398

Guitar Center sells single strings a lot of the time. Usually Ernie Balls. If you don't like Ernie Balls you may not be happy with them either.


How many music shops would break a set to sell one string?What a ridiculous, totally amateur gripe.

You obviously have no idea.

What kind of fool would want to put only one bright sounding new string on their instrument when the others are dull & worn?This elevates the term "tight ***" to a whole new level.

Naples, Florida, United States #598455

No, customers need to adapt to the store. What a *** complaint.

to LadyScot #977064

No a good business if they want to stay open changes with the needs of their patrons

to Anonymous #1127020

Even if the customers demands are ridiculous? So you are obviously saying that a music shop should sell a single string to any old tragic that walks through the door. They would soon have a stockpile of broken sets that they would have no hope of selling.

That's real good business you genius!


My complaint is a sound one: Any guitar player can tell you that sometimes a string breaks; maybe it was cheap or over-tightened, so he'll need ONE.A realistic retailer will be aware of this.

Why buy a whole set if we need only one? But I've learned something over the past several years about forums: That there are ALWAYS going to be those of a 6-year-old mentality who, regardless of the issue, cannot seem to resist the urge to sink to name-calling. Why? Because 1) they're not bright enough to follow the actual issue, and 2) it makes them feel "intelligent." Name-calling is the method children use to feel "superior." 3) They enjoy taking pot-shots at people while hiding behind their keyboards.

It's disturbing how many of those people there are out there.Next time I post here, I hope that more mature adults respond, and that the little children learn to leave their daddy's computer alone...

to Pancho Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #588911

Wow your kind of...Um...

***. Maybe learn how to put your strings on right without breaking them, or be smart and always keep an extra set on hand. That's much better than *** your pants because a store won't do what you say.

Like hey man I spilled one of my beers and now I only have 29 instead of 30.I demand you sell me one can of beer!


Agreed, an inexpensive set of strings cost you at the most $5 and you should be changing your strings regularly anyway. The OP is obviously a noob and his dumb-assednes is moronic. Learn before you post dumb ***.


Perhaps they didn't have single strings, or the particular string you needed, in stock.That seems more likely to what actually transpired.

Moreover, you should change all of the strings at the same time, so they are all fresh.

It's like changing spark plugs, my friend.That you're an uninformed amatuer is one thing, but to harp on a string sale is just pure dipshitism.


This is a joke right? What kind of *** doesn't know that music shops don't sell single guitar strings?!?! And, if you found a place that does, more power to you but I'd say THAT is a pretty twisted business practice!

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